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Google Ads Management Services in Delhi India

Among many digital marketing agencies, only a few are privileged to be a Google certified partner, and DigitalOye is one of them. By advertising your products and services on Google search engine, you will be able to attract the right customers to your business. Our dedicated team of Google Adwords Experts at DigitalOye create a Google ads account campaign according to your target audience, location, product and service keywords, and daily and monthly budget. By leveraging the benefits of being a certified Google Partner, DigitalOye provides the clients with the best Adwords Services in Delhi –


Google Ads Campaign Management Services

Search Ads

By running search ads on Google, you will make your website easily discoverable with the help of highly targeted keywords. With the help of Google AdWords company in India, you can get the right set of keywords that helps you get the right visibility on the search engine.

Display Ads

Google knows the importance of visuals and so, with its Display Network, you can display your ads on millions of sites and target customers with impressive banner ads in the form of images, audio and video, instead of plain text.

Shopping Ads

Every industry, especially the retail industry, has benefitted from Google Shopping Ads because it helped the industries drive more than 60% of all clicks. Shopping Ads are the best for e-commerce websites to promote their online products and services.


With this strategy, you can create and promote highly targeted ads to those visitors who have visited your website in the past but did not convert or engage with it. By showing them ads when they browse other websites, you increase the chances of them converting into your customers.


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Google Ads work mainly by Keywords that you provide for your business-related products and services. When your Ads are running display to your targeted and potential customers with the search of keywords on the Google search engine to get the Ad triggered on the top of the page after the bidding and when your customers click on it to get directed to your website or landing page to display the information regarding your products or services.

Google Ads advertising cost varies with company size and industry. Google Ads cost CPC cost on average from below $1 to a maximum of $2 for Google Display Network and Google Search Network.

Yes, Google Ads is an affordable and effective platform to grow your business. If you have a good advertising monthly budget Google Ads will generate enough targeted and qualified leads and conversions directly from the website.

Google Ads have main three campaign categories:

  • Search Ads

Search Ads is a text form with keywords specific to an industry that is shown on the Google search results page.

  • Shopping Ads

Shopping Ad is a type of Ad to sell products/services with all the features and information on the Ads that are shown on the search engine results page.

  • Display Ads

Display Ads is Image form with the banner to that shown in the partner websites or apps that are approved to show the Ads.

  • Video Ads

Video Ads is a short 15-sec video that is shown on the Youtube Channel before or mid of the video content.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads both are effective types of advertisements for every business. According to business nature and needs, we can select the right platform to advertise. Both Ads have the objective to find sales and leads, get visibility, clicks, and better ROI.

Facebook Ads is paid form of advertisement promoted among the largest number of social media users for their specific industry. If you are specific to getting more engagement and brand awareness then this platform is the right choice with less amount of investment with instant results.

Google Ads is paid form of text, image, and video-based ads in the pay-per-click model that appears on the search engine results page. If your primary goal is to get qualified leads and conversion and if you have a standard budget to invest you will get massive results from this platform.

Our Google Ads expert will give you Ad reporting on a daily or weekly basis. We provide a complete Ads report of your campaign, Ad group, and Ad with the total clicks, impressions, leads, conversion, and spending. The Google Ads metrics give you the complete data of the visitor’s gender, region, age, platform, and country and highlight any issues in the Ad.

Google Ads issues come in a while if you are not professional or don’t know the final result of selecting any options. Google may reject the Ads or restrict you from advertising by banning the Google Ads manager.  You can reach to support team by instant call or lie support to resolve the issue.

If you are failed to reach out to get Google Ads support. Our Ads experts from our team will take charge to check the ad's performance to run, operate, and even connect to Google support on behalf of you and resolve all the issues that you face in your Ads to run again to get the expected results.

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