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Best Way to Write a Business Proposal for your firm

Are you wondering how to write a business proposal for IT company and other firm?

Writing a business proposal is a daunting task. It takes some effort to craft a cohesive letter that communicates how your professional services can be beneficial to the client. When you begin writing, it can seem like an impossible task.

You may spend hours trying to write something that grabs attention and offers value… but never quite pulls it off. Here are some of the most important tips I followed to write a great business proposal while maintaining a balance between being informative and effective.

You started a business for any services/products. You need clients for the expansion of the business.

The client is the base of your resource to grow your business. Now you get different types of clients

Small clients – These clients have small projects and are known to your business from your business contacts. Small clients are easily converted and are good for business in an informal way.

Big clients- These clients have big multi-national projects of 50L – 10Cr and more than that.

We need our Business Proposal here to make and look professional. Everything here is made professional in a formal way.

Presentations are to be prepared before the initiation of any task or work assigned. Business Proposals are to be made with good eye-catching templates and ideas to be presented to clients to accept your offer for the business.

The key to winning the project is to write a very good proposal with Professional proposal Writing Services.

You need to convince the clients with your skills, experience, and why you are better than other competitors. It is also important to analyze what kind of proposal your competitors have submitted for getting that project.

To help you with these aspects, we prepared a list of information that can be helpful to include in the proposal. This list includes all the elements necessary to properly read, analyze and manage a business proposal and is not limited to the elements listed above. The list should serve as a brief guide and point of reference during the process of writing a business proposal for your client.

how to write a business proposal for it

Types of Business Proposal

There are some types of Business proposals written in different for clients:

Formally Solicited

This type of proposal is requested formally by your customer. This is the part of the formality and the proposal is only for the reason to evaluate to start the project.   

Informally Solicited

This type of proposal is when the client is interested in your services and you offer them the proposal to persuade them to take the next steps to initiate the project.


This type of proposal is general and not particular to any client by understanding their requirements. We target the market and write it based on the buyer’s needs to get the project for our company services.

How you need to plan and write Business Proposal

To Plan a Business Proposal, we need to go through client services and products to understand the strategy to make for the marketing and promotion and then by arranging all these you need to simplify a proposal in a short and simple yet with creative templates for acceptance from your clients. If they like your plan they will revert you and ask to make changes for the official presentation and conclusion of the finalization of the project.

Here are some important tips to take a note of while writing a business proposal for your clients:

Make an Appealing Title Page

Make an appealing front page for the business for the client that catches their attention and takes the first step to choose to read your Proposal. Most of the clients don’t even read if they didn’t like the first-page appearance. Some will straightly go to the pricing page. So, it depends on the client to read it or not based on your submission.

About your Company and Team

Now, they need to know who you are and how big is your team size and company. They simply want to know about the company and its achievements. What you offer and how and where you work. Some clients always prefer big companies with team members and others don’t care about the team size their work is to be done perfectly and fine.   

State your Objectives and Goal

Here you need to take the first step in introducing the client’s business objectives and goals after studying and planning what you offer them. Describe what you want to accomplish with the result of an activity.   

State the Problem or the need

State the problem that you found while you draw a plan and by highlighting it let them know that you only can do this as no one yet told them about it. Here you give yourselves a chance to pick their service provider.

Define your solution

You highlighted the problem and the solution needs to be told before applying it and with this, they can suggest any other things to add to improve the overall business performance.

Show your Deliverables

Show them what services you offer them and what you provide under each one with clear points and include the delivery date of each deliverable to the client. Never mention anything that you can’t do in expectation of future goodness. Limit your service to deliver what you have.

Make it clear How you work step by step

Clear your work process to clients about your daily activity and timely reporting and updating on any pending work. Tell them how you work effectively step by step for growth. If they see a decline in business growth and no profit they have the complete right to question you and can terminate you from further working on the project.

Include the budget for the project

Next, you propose a good budget according to the market standards, and converting them depends on your approach. Don’t overcharge them by keeping a fixed cost instead be ready for some negotiation based on the requirements.

Summarize your conclusion

Conclude your proposal with an endnote with the summarization of all that you mentioned inside the proposal and giving them a proper solution for your business growth.

Terms and Conditions

You want to show them your terms and condition on the agreement, on the final price and the payment schedule, and signing a document for the safety with both parties’ consent and more details like products & service usage, and copyright conditions.

Include space for signatures to make an agreement

Keeping a space on the left or right bottom for the client to agree on the governing law of the contract at the time of signing. Signatures will prove that both are agreed to do the business together.

Proofread and submit to client

Proofread everything from beginning to spelling, grammar, and correction in providing services. Reread the make it final that no mistakes are found now then go for the submission to the client.

With all the basic of Business Proposal, Now it is clear for you that how to write a business proposal for IT? The business proposal is the first impression of your company on the client. If you prove that you are a serious and trustworthy contractor then your proposal can be accepted.

Be considered in structuring, choosing the optimal format for the business proposal to include useful information about your work and obtain the maximum level of professionalism. It’s good to remember that when you write a good business Proposal You can get more clients and expand your company.

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