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We have helped hundreds of small businesses like yours to generate leads using Digital Marketing strategies that work with the minimum investment possible for the highest quality of leads.

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Lead Generation Is Directly Proportional To Your Business ROI

Are you finding difficulty in getting leads for your business? Yes, if you want a genuine and effective lead generation service browse online for Infoiyt – your online team. Lead generation is very important for every Business. Leads are an important asset for your business growth. Leads data consists of the name and contact details of interested people in your services/products in the simple sense that are converted as our customers. We are the best agency for Leads generation service with over 1000+ leads generated in a day for our past clients and with many ongoing campaigns. We are providing the latest leads for all industries that are related and interested in taking your services.

Lead generation for various industries works differently. Be in any industry for healthcare, education, and banking. And we have all the methods and techniques to collect quality leads that increase brand awareness for your business. Every company is looking for the best Leads generation service providers and it a fortune for you to find us with the expertise that we have in the market.     

We have the right software for lead management in Customer Relation Management (CRM). That tells you which leads tend to convert. You can track the leads with our powerful CRM software. You can filter according to your need. We have a perfect way and technique to collect leads from organic and paid marketing. If you don’t have quality leads then no CRM is good for your business. So, our priority is always finding lead opportunities. We are not lacking in our marketing strategies. That’s why we are the best leads generation company.

Our source for leads is unique from multiple channels and platforms with various methods that work very perfectly with the best inquiries for your business. It includes organic, direct, paid, and referrals from your best clients. When any lead is qualified for your business we help you convert that lead opportunity to turn into a customer.

What we provide with lead generation service

  • Paid Facebook Ads set up and launched the Campaign
  • Paid Google Ads set up and launched the Campaign
  • Lead generation forms for your website
  • Call-to-action development
  • Email Marketing for targeted industry
  • By inducting live events and workshops
  • By creating informative blog posts
  • Word of-mouth marketing             

When do you choose us for your business lead generation? Our lead generation experts connect you on call to give proper guidance on what budget you need to spend on specific results. We create and launch the ads as per your requirements and deliver you the expected results and manage the campaigns at a very affordable cost than other leads generation companies or individual experts. So, why the wait? Decide on your choice and try us once to get satisfactory results.       

We Can Define What We Do

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is the strategic approach to creating valuable content that aligns with the needs of your target audience and builds valuable relationships. We help you build lasting relationships via a definitive method of marketing that boosts sales.

Demand Generation

Demand Generation is a data-driven marketing strategy focused focus on driving awareness and interest in organizations' products and services to develop long-term customer engagement. It is a challenging task for new startups and businesses operating in high-demand markets. Lead generation is a continuous process along with demand generation which is full of surprises.

Lead Segmentation

Lead Segmentation is the process of collecting leads into smaller lists based on their responses and action to send convincing marketing messages. You get qualified leads with various activities and campaigns and they are separated as relevant and junked leads. Infoiyt ensures the leads are segmented before proposing offers to prospective customers.

Nurture Existing Leads

Nurturing Leads is the process of cultivating leads that are not yet ready to buy. Infoiyt promises new leads but also can develop perfect personas of your existing customers. Our experts believe that the more you know about your potential clients the more effectively you can develop that rapport with them.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring is the process of assigning values in the numerical points based on their behavior relating to their interest in products or services. Every business must differentiate leads and prioritize them at different levels. Infoiyt uses lead scoring models that work using a lead funnel that filters the leads in every stage.

Competitor Tracking

Competitor Tracking is the process of identifying and auditing your competitors’ products, pricing, sales prospecting, and marketing strategies. Get timely and reliable information on your competitors in the ever-changing markets with Infoiyt. Our team of experts will help you in analyzing and reviewing this data with extensive research that can help you position your business to stay ahead.

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Many marketers and lead generation companies give in to the temptation of buying email lists and contact lists for lead generation because they are easier, quicker, and take less effort. 

Here’s the scenario that plays out when you buy leads rather than generate them 

Your ad or your message will reach out to people who don’t know you. To those who never visited your site, interact with your brand in any way, you’ll come across as creepy, spammy, and be looked at only as an interruption. Chances are, they won’t even take the time to know why you’re reaching out to them because you are a stranger. You will be blocked, reported as spam, and basically just shut out. 

Once many people mark you as spam, you are earning the reputation for being spam or worse, a scam. Too many people marking you as spam lead you to be blacklisted. There is no going back or hopping off from being blacklisted. Maybe buying leads may get you only a handful of potential customers but it also gets you double the handful of negative reviews, feedback, and reputation. 


It is as Simple as this

Hot Leads Daily

Get leads on a dialy basis as long as your campaigns are set right and running

Dedicated POC

Don’t worry about your account as we dedicate a manager for your account

Higher Visibility

Beat competition upfront and get visibilty in front of the potential customers


Retargeting people visiting your website or landing pages for better conversions


Will I get more customers after lead generation?

Yes, Of course, you get enough customers after lead generation. Our lead generation process is guaranteed to be converted into customers. The purpose of lead generation is to get more quality leads that will convert. With the right methods and strategies, you will see good results in a very short time.

What next after lead generation?

After lead generation the leads are to stay connected with your brand and lead nurture is the process of reinforcing and developing relationships with the leads at every stage in the sales funnel.

After lead generation the exact step is the sales qualified leads are passed to the sales team and marketing qualified leads are nurtured until they are sales-ready.


How soon can you generate leads?

You can often involve in lead generation every single day if your industry is big or small. It depends on your business model, platform and techniques, planning, and execution. On social media, it’s quite easy to generate leads because the audience is quite large or diverse. Google and other search engines with display ads allow up to a month to generate quality and quantity leads.   

How do you generate leads?

We generate leads by different methods and techniques organically and paid. We use mainly paid with Google and Facebook Ads and some other steps involved in lead generation are:

  • Identifying the target audience
  • Creating a sales funnel
  • Through social media to engage and connect
  • With Email Marketing by send newsletters to build relationships
  • By creating informative blog posts
  • By conducting live events and workshops
  • With a referral system and word-of-mouth marketing
Can you do lead generation without cold calling?

Yes, we have various other methods than cold calling. Building a relationship with customers is a priority. We have an Email sequence as an alternative for cold calling that provides valuable information about your products and services while them as a prequalified lead. To hook readers, make sure you go beyond your regular sales pitch.

How much does lead generation cost?

The lead generation process is costly but if you do it strategically and methodically you get enough leads at less cost. For different techniques, we have costs separated at tested for getting qualified leads. Cost per lead is determined depending on the industry, the target audience, and the competition in your sector.