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What is the evolution of digital transformation?

There is evolution taking place in everything. We are into this process for decades and every area is taking the transformation from old traditional ways to the new digital economy.  

The evolution of digital transformation Digital Marketing takes place in the products & services efficiently by applying the right methods, platforms, and channels.

What is Digital Transformation?      

“To Transform your business to new technologies to change the business process and customer experiences to meet the market requirements” 

– Unknown

In simple terms, Digital Transformation adopts new ways of marketing and implementation strategies to get more outcomes by watching the competitors and market situations.

We need to digital strategy to change the business models. But more than that we need to completely rely on technology and systems. We need a backup with human resources and power and to speed up the process we use the digital transformation.

Our business products/ services are our assets for making profits and our employees are our resources to make it work.

By keeping the digital technology for the business expansion we need to always analyze and assess market situations and make the move accordingly.

Why Digital Transformation is Needed?

Digital Transformation is very essential to make the business processes easy and fast with the

  1. Customer Experience: Gives a good customer experience by using technologies like a quick response, functioning, and processing.
  2. Automation: Our business automation takes place automatically without giving much effort as before with the limited human resource.

 Examples of Digital Transformation

Now we have learned how the business transformation takes place and why it is needed. With examples, let’s see the more types of transformation to learn more in brief.

We have a product-based company A  that sells traditionally. And company B that sells makes automates its selling with digital transformation. For company A they produce and sell only when they get the order and they keep doing the production and fulfilling the orders but when the orders are depleted they get to incur a loss. But for company B they produce it and sell it in the targeted place and analyze the results and acquisition of the customer to measure the results with the real-time data and insights and they can reproduce the less quantity or more quantity according to the market and customer needs.

We have a Service based company A with digital marketing services and company B with digital marketing services. Company A does the work with human power and resource and keeps on increasing the size and investment of the company, this decreases their income and increases their expenses more and work is not done properly as a result. But with company B uses digital technologies and automates its business with the advanced software and tools to complete the tasks fast and efficiently with less cost and time. They get more profit with this method and pay only a minimal amount for the automation and they can charge more as well for the clients according to the location and works and get more revenue.         

Benefits of Digital Transformation

The evolution of digital transformation changes our business once and forever and first we need to see what are the benefits of it by implementing in our business;

1) Enhanced data

Data collection is a secure process and using that data to drive your business is the power of the transformation. For using the customer data, we need a privacy policy stated with the use and storage of the data for not misusing it. With this data, we optimize and improve the business experience.

2) Good customer experience

Customer experience improves with digital transformation to deal with the business matters of buying at low prices and taking services. Giving value to the customer and respecting their privacy with an unsubscribe option from the mailing list is another mark of a good customer experience.

3) Increased Profits

Increased profits with the transformation. Giving the proper solutions to automate the business results in profitability. Companies with products and services who undergone digital transformation profited from more than 80%

4) Good Customer Insights

Customer data can be collected very easily and analyzed accordingly for future use. Customer personal structured data and Unstructured data can be useful information for taking the necessary business action.

5) Increased Productivity

Digital transformation allows productivity to increase manifold than another traditional methods. It helps to understand how products are being consumed and see the depleting products to take new steps in maximizing the workflow to complete more production efficiently and apply the method of automation in the business.

Digital Transformational Technologies  

Digital Transformational technologies is the advanced method of changing your business process to automate it with technological power and implementation. There is a wide variety of latest technologies used that are in most in-demand and adopted by the big companies to scale their business to maximize profit and save time. Some of the latest technologies used for transformation are:

1) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the imitation of the human mind’s capabilities by machines. It helps in decision making, learning and planning, and more. With the power of automation, the Ai combines to make the process more intelligent and real-time decision-making in the business. That gives a good customer experience and satisfaction by automating tasks and mitigating risks.       

2) Cloud Hybrid

Hybrid cloud is a computing environment with the main cloud server on the premises data center to provide public cloud access to its other areas of the organization for the data transfers, management, and application portability. The hybrid cloud is more flexible, agile, and scalable and helps to get analytics and to test new products and services in the digital transformation of your business.

3) Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is a computer device that collects and transfers data in real-time with sensors. Like cars, lights and refrigerators can be connected to IoT. IoT helps businesses to collect data and insights to get new opportunities for organizations to connect with customers.

4) Digitalization

Digitalization is the advanced method of making the business digital to improve its presence online. It changes the analog process into digital form. To change the business process to make more profit and to give more value.

5) Augmented & Virtual reality

Augmented reality uses a real-world setting to make enlarge your surroundings to experience the live view by adding digital elements whereas Virtual reality is completely virtual to create the imitation of the real-life environment. Both are a great way to boost your business experience to accelerate production and to market in less time. And VR provides a practical collaborative space for employees to remove the physical barriers.

How Infoiyt Makes Digital Transformation

Infoiyt analyzes the business needs, marketing cost, and work process and automates the business with the latest tools and technologies that is Ai based and do all the work for your business fast and efficiently. We check every aspect of your business with tools and human capacity from designing, marketing, and advertising. This makes an evolution of digital transformation in your business to stand top of the competitors and generate conversion rates and increase profitability. Talk to us today about the change you need in your business to shift from manual work to automating the business to reduce the effort and do the work smartly. See how we do our SEO work for E-commerce clients.       

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