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Virtual data rooms are essential for any business, regardless of whether you’re seeking to raise money or making sure that your business has all the necessary information to succeed. It can help you organize and keep your files in a secure environment and also helps streamline the due diligence and valuation process.

During due diligence, buyers and investors are looking for as much information as possible to determine whether a startup is worth investing in. If the company isn’t able to provide this information, the process can be delayed and could even derail the acquisition. It’s important to create an investor data room prior to attempting to solicit an investment.

The exact contents of the investor data room will differ dependent on the size of your company and the complexity. One option is to create folders for specific types of information or stages. You can create subfolders within these folders in order to organize your files.

The privacy level of every file is also important. To ensure the security of sensitive information, it is recommended to set up granular permission settings. Some providers let you set up group rights that will grant access to specific categories of professionals or whole departments, like accountants and investment bankers. This makes it simpler to grant access to the right people and simplify the process. This is particularly relevant in the case of a startup that is going through multiple rounds to conduct due diligence or is preparing to sell.

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