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Digital Marketing Industry Growth Statistics & Demand

The Digital Marketing Industry growth statistics is at a high level than any other industry over the years. Marketing Online is just become a trend and growing with the technologies faster making your Business convenience easier to access for customers.

As the Digital Marketing Industry analysis is higher in the recent years and the years to come the demand grows for highly skilled individuals is higher than ever. The need for qualified professionals to fill support staff, leadership, and critical positions remain high as the industry continues to undergo rapid growth.

This uptick in demand calls for all professionals to take things up a notch in their skill sets so that they are not left behind by the increasing competition in the industry.

Internet users are growing rapidly from the previous years data and each year a huge rise in digital which thus enlarge the digital opportunity.

Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing has been the most lucrative career path to have over the past two years. The advertising industry, print, radio, and television are quickly going out of style because of the shift to online marketing. With the traditional marketing, you and your business store are situated and located in one place where people have no option to only come to you. And because of this reason, you lose many customers before they even come to you and it automatically becomes someone else customer to target them you must come online to the digital world to let everyone find you from anywhere.

Over the years the traditional marketing has declined in growth and mainly because of the less reach and high advertising cost by which business are in loss and some may fail to come up to mark.

Going digital is the best way to cut the cost and increase business productivity.

Digital Marketing

Ever Since digital marketing has become strong in internet most of the Businesses take a new step to shift to advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing online because of its wide reach globally. This is the first sign of your Business growth where you make sure what is updated in the market and take steps according to it. Any online company is make twice or thrice in sales as what is traditional. Let’s see three important benefits of online marketing:

Business Promotion

Business Promotion is the priority for any Business. Where we do the promotion traditionally By Ads in TV Newspapers, Magazines, Hoardings and many other. By coming online your promotion opportunities are doubled from nowhere to a somewhere high level.

We can promote on social media and many other websites, and display to an unlimited number of people from where you get traffic and make them visit your business identify what we call a website where you mentioned all of your services and listed all of your products to sell out. When you get more reach, your promotion is double the level of what it previously was and thus you get more customers and sales online.  

Increase Profit

When your Promotion is done the next is profit. You get automatic sales when more and more people come to see about your business services/products. Your chance of increasing the profit from what you have is by retaining the customers. The same customers will come to you again and again as well every new month new customers.

As your customers increase your monthly and yearly Business turnover increase from anywhere than you ever expected. Profit doesn’t have a constant behavior it may vary according to your promotion ways and techniques used.

Enable to Target Audience

Business Promotion can be done widely now targeting cities and states more advanced way by targeting customer gender and behavior and particularly by even from a device like a computer, phone or tablet and increase more opportunities a by understanding where people are more attracted from which cities, gender and devices and strategically change the plan and remarket them the services/products if they are not converted.

Digital Marketing Courses in High Demand

Digital Marketing courses demand are increasing and many high value courses are launched by many Institutes and mentors in various cities by seeing the future prediction of the career.

Anyone with these online marketing skills can easily make a successful career and earn up to $500 – $1000 by working with any IT Industry, Businesses as digital marketers for growing their business, and even by Freelancing you can work on your terms from any parts of the world.

Through reports by Credo we can know an average digital marketer make around $140 per hour to $3000 anywhere on an average earnings in a month for a digital marketing executive.

Where a full time digital marketer with professionals executives and manager positions can earns around anywhere from $40/ year to $97/year.

According to surveys and reports, there are 10,000 + job openings anywhere in a city, and think of all the cities in India. And the scope of digital marketing is going to be $160 billion by 2025 which is thrice its current value.

Digital Marketing Services in High Demand

There is a high demand services in Digital Marketing by IT companies. Anyone who has a website with an online identity is a high priority to take the services. Digital services are different to market over several mediums and to master them you need a high grasping ability and strategic skills to plan and execute missions and campaigns. Digital Marketing reduces the gap between service providers and customers. Digital Marketing gives you feedback and helps you to improve your business. The latest online friendly tools and techniques increase the reputation of the company.

We are the Best Digital Marketing Services in Bhubaneswar and we provide in-demand digital services that we offer to businesses are:

Every companies need a digital marketer nowadays either they hire one person or they hire a team of IT company to handle their business altogether in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Industry Growth Statistics

  1. Digital Marketing Industry saw its first surge in 2006 when search engine traffic was reported to grow 6.4 billion in a month
  2. Compound annual growth rate of digital marketing from 2020-2026 is rise to 9%
  3. Digital Advertising grown at 15.5% CAGR which is projected to reach $239.89 billion and search is projected to grow at 12.2% to reach $144.8 billion worldwide
  4. Affiliate marketing Industry predicted to jump 12% to reach $794 billion in 2022
  5. Social media ad spend is expected to reach $177 billion in 2022
  6. E-commerce revenue estimated to reach $768 billion by 2021
  7. Video advertising is projected to reach $106.9 billion in ad spend
  8. 31% B2B Marketers use email marketing to generate leads at higher rate
  9. Mobile Ad spend increased 23% in 2021 and grown at higher rate to reach $350 billion in 2022
  10. Display Ad increased by 15% in 2022 to reach $33.9 billion

Read more digital marketing industry growth statistics from ActiveCampaign

Projections for the future in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing rose to $122 billion in 2017 which is estimated to reach upwards of $230 billion by 2021. Analyzing this data and seeing the rapid growth of the industry, we can say that there is future trends of digital marketing it is gaining more popularity day by day. Lots of job opportunities are opening up in this field with the new companies emerging now and then.

Global Digital Marketing Industry grow at a compound annual rate of 19.1 % from 2022 to 2030 to reach 264.15 billion. reports taken from GrandViewResearch

To Sum Up

With going global, the demand for a qualified marketing manager is increasing day long. The importance of digital marketing has never been higher and the talent pool for high-quality candidates is shrinking faster than ever. Digital Marketing is one of the biggest and most exciting opportunities in the business world to expand your online presence and attract new customers. As a marketing manager, your job will be to tap into new markets, drive revenue, and contribute to the success of your organization. At digital marketing services, we give the best digital marketing industry based on customers’ requirements but we work free from pressure as today It is a very sensitive industry where no customer exists if no quality work is done. It is not just about creating a sales funnel or tele sales campaign it’s all about knowing customer buying habits and using those strategies to make a sale on the internet.

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