Cartoon Marketing Videos That Give You
The Power of Emotional Storytelling

Our Cartoon Marketing Video Sample

Cartoon Advertisement Videos for Social Media

These cartoon videos are used to improve brand awareness by educating and entertaining the audience. No direct reference is made to your offerings in these videos—thus empowering the audience, increasing the engagement, and making them curious about your brand. We’ve seen this type of videos to have the highest probability to go viral since people tend to share them aggressively. 

Cartoon Video Production for Animated Commercials

These cartoon marketing videos are used most effectively to create brand recall on the social media and other platforms. They are extensively used by b2c brands to drive referral traffic to your landing pages. These videos are generally designed around brand mascots leaving a story gap that gets completed on the landing pages.

Cartoon Video Production for Explainer Videos

These cartoon marketing videos, as the name suggests, are used to explain products or services to the target audience on your landing pages and increase your conversion rates. The story here generally follows the hero’s journey format where it is centered around a character (hero) which matches your target customer persona.

Cartoon Advertisements for Non-Profit Organisation

The story focuses on the importance of the park for community engagement and lists the things to be kept in mind while planning for park improvement. The story required a set of characters for the visual impact and it was a series of five animated videos with budget of USD 20,000. Keeping these factors in mind our team kept the style flat with minimum animation and focussed on the reusability.

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