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Social Media Management

Lets face it, the world is on social media platforms. Its a way to close the gap on physical distance, access your friends, colleagues, family, networks, hobbies, interests and so much more in one place. Not only is distance minimized but you can virtually be in many places at once. There is no surprise that business and brands want to get in on the action. Its the newer playing field that has been developing in strength over many years.

What is a good Social Media Strategy?

A social media marketing strategy is about presenting your brand/ service/ product to the people who you desire as customers. The idea is to be an authority on a subject, your subject!

This gives value to the community which you are (looking to be) a part of. You nourish, coax and entertain your ‘tribe’. Be the older sibling and guide them on their journey. Help where you can, and always always always try to fit in with relevance.

The content produced is carefully planned, scheduled for distribution, and monitored so that the maximum results can be achieved. Throughout your social profiles, you always include backlinks to your site or landing pages for targeted campaigns.

This signals firstly to Google the brand’s footprint and also helps your customers find their way to your website.

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What are the key
Social Media methods?

Organic social media campaigns focus on content. It’s the marathon and not the sprint. Our team has developed a method over the years of gaining trust, be overly knowledgeable, and extremely helpful to each brand’s (future) customers.

We understand the value this industry has on content and know that if you ‘play with fire, you will get burnt’.

Any digital marketing agency you work with will help you navigate through this process. There is a reason why people love hanging out on social media platforms. It’s instant, creative, community building, and most of all an escape from the physical world.

Have fun with it! Create a series of topical content, using multiple ways (video, audio, images, text, polls) while always maintaining a focus on informing, entertaining, enlightening, or teaching your audience.

Social Media


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Why do I need an agency
for my
Social Media

Hiring an agency like ours, only adds weight to your marketing team. You get a group of professionals working on your strategy, each focusing on a refined task. Our years of experience and testing give us a unique approach when creating content and campaigns. This has also proved us well in our clients and track record.

No industry is too big or too small to create content for. We love the challenge of the most niche verticals, and sometimes that’s where the better content comes from. Our approach is ‘out the box’ thinking, with a heavy focus on value.

As is our way, we don’t create contracts to lock you in. There is an initial 6-month commitment so we can develop your tone, look and feel, content and approach correctly. Thereafter it’s a month-to-month arrangement.

Local SEO looks to social media signals as a way to evaluate your brand’s online presence.

Mixed in with reviews, social signals, and much more, your brand activity casts a web over the internet showing relevance.

Our Social Media Management

We offer 3 packages which we found to be most popular with our clients needs. This content creation coverage gives you a strong presence in the most used social media platforms. Each comes with its list of package items. After choosing one, we will sign a working agreement for the initial commitment of 6 months and begin work. We can always give you some boosts with PPC ads, but these can be discussed after you’re happy with the roll-out of good quality content

The process is as follows:

"Did you know that 96 percent of social media users that talk about a brand online, don’t even follow the brand’s profile".

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