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You’re likely to utilize Slack or other video conferencing tools if you work remotely. These 2D tools are not always the best for fostering connections and collaboration between team members.

This is why collaboration spaces in virtual environments are so crucial. The best virtual spaces mimic the physical feel of an office, with workspaces, meeting rooms and common areas that allow teams to quickly connect with one another. With the help of a few nudges, or live chats, teams can engage in conversations that are natural and also have unexpected meetings similar to those that occur in real offices.

Kumospace, which is a virtual workspace, helps reduce the necessity of meeting by giving users the impression that they are “working next to someone”. In the event that you need to meet Kumospace provides a range of collaborative virtual rooms to suit different purposes from 1:1 catch-ups to sprint planning to sales demonstrations and project presentations.

Switchboard is a different virtual collaboration tool that takes the experience of being in an office to a whole new level. With its collaborative virtual rooms and canvases, it enables teams to work efficiently by working in tandem on documents and web-based applications. When the session is over, it saves everyone’s work to allow them to pick up where they left off next time.

Other virtual spaces such as Teemyco and Gather help foster collaboration by allowing coworkers to view what they are doing in the virtual office. This makes it easy to identify who is planning the next big project, presenting an informational presentation, or having a virtual coffee break.

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